Epic Holiday Party Slots

Epic Holiday Party is a charming slot game that's about Santa having a good time with some beautiful women. Of course, Mrs. Clause isn't too impressed with that idea! The slot shows off some impressive jackpots, and it offers gamblers access to a multi-level payout system along with some pretty generous prizes. We were impressed with the features of the game, but is that enough for us to recommend this slot? Find out more in our review.

Made by Realtime Gaming

This game was crafted by the software developers at Realtime Gaming, which is good news for players that enjoy the variety. The software company is well-known for its huge library of games and for offering high-quality options to gamblers. If you're looking for a casino with loads of options, sign up for an RTG site, and you'll have games to play for days.

You Can Demo it

This game was designed with new gamblers in mind, and you can try it out anytime you want without spending your own money. To test the game, you just load it in Demo mode and then start turning the reels. From the moment you begin playing in this mode, you'll have access to all the features of the game and a play money balance to try and increase.

A Fun Party Theme

We love the exciting party theme in this slot. Of course, there are loads of beautiful women for you to look at while you spin the reels, but there are lots of other details that bring this slot to life. The neon signs, spotlight, and billboards in glowing lights all help breathe life into this game to give it a fun vibe.

Built for Ease of Use

We love that the game has just a couple of buttons in order to play. There aren't many adjustments for you to make before you start playing. Change up the handful of settings offered, and you'll be ready to spin and enjoy all the features of this game fully. New gamblers only need the plus and minus symbols and the spin button, and long-term players will only use a couple of additional buttons to experience this slot fully.

A Progressive Jackpot Game

This progressive jackpot slot has modern features and four possible jackpots you can win while you play. The different jackpots all offer different payouts, but their values increase as you play, and you could win small payouts up to prizes worth thousands by triggering one of the random jackpots.

No Paylines

There isn't a single payline on this slot. Instead, the game uses a 243-ways pays cluster system. You can get wins in a bunch of different directions, and you'll find it pretty easy to trigger a winning combination of symbols as you wager on this game. Try it for yourself, and you're sure to be impressed with how often you win.

Low Stakes Wagering Options

Bets are locked at a pretty low level, and high-rollers and low-stakes gamblers may both be upset by the options available here. The minimum wager amount is $0.88 per spin, and the maximum is just $8.80 per spin. This is our biggest criticism of this slot game, but if you don't mind the wagering options offered here, you're likely to have a good time with this game and all it offers you.

The Paytable Offers Small Payouts

There isn't anything special about the paytable for this slot game. In fact, you'll only win up to 500 coins on a single prize combination. That's not much at all and leaves a lot left to be desired. The game is still enjoyable to play, though, and that's because prize wins occur very frequently. You'll get wins in every play session, and you'll likely get many of them. If you like winning often, you can have fun with this slot game.

Unlock the Jackpot Pick Feature

While you can win the progressive jackpots outright, you could also trigger the special jackpot pick bonus feature. In this bonus round, it's up to you to choose the jackpot payout you'll end up with. You choose the different random symbols until you create a combination of three of the same symbols. Do that, and you trigger the jackpot that's shown on those symbols.

Basic Free Spins

Getting three or more scatters is what you need to do in order to unlock the free spin bonus round. In this special bonus, you'll get a total of 12 free spins without any multipliers or any additional perks really. You can keep triggering free spins while in this bonus round, but that's the only noteworthy thing about this bonus. We weren't impressed by this bonus, and most other slots beat it today.

A Poor Value

When searching for the most valuable slot games, it's important to look at the actual return that different games offer you. When you play this slot, you can get a return of approximately 95% on average. That's pretty poor when compared to other slots that offer 96%, 97%, and some even higher than that. Value seekers won't want to test this game, but other gamblers that don't care so much about the numbers can still have a good time with this game.

Rating the Game

We gave this slot game a 2.8 out of 5.0 stars. This isn't a great rating, but we did like the symbols, the animations, and the pacing of this slot game. We weren't impressed by the bonuses, the top prize payouts, the wagering options, or the overall value of the slot, though. We wouldn't recommend this game to many players other than the ones that really like the look and gamblers that like winning prizes frequently.

Win with Combinations

You can get some seriously good prize wins through combinations of winning symbols in this slot. That's one of the best perks of this game; wins come often. You'll come to expect frequent prize wins as you get used to this game, and for some gamblers, this is the best thing about playing this game.

Support For Fun Play and Real Money Play

It's possible to play this game with real money or a play money balance. How you decide to play should be determined by the gambling experience you want to have. If you want to try to unlock real money wins, you'll need an account and your own money to wager with. If you would like to have fun and enjoy the features of the game without risk, you can do that in play mode. Try the game in both modes and see which you enjoy more.

Designed for Mobile

Like most other modern slot games offered today, this one supports mobile gambling very capably. When you play the game on a smartphone or tablet, you'll enjoy the same experience as you get on a computer. The game runs smoothly, it's easy to play, and you can play without downloading anything at all. Another perk of playing this game on a mobile device is that you can switch from one device to another rapidly. This is convenient, and it means you can play on any device you like.

We wouldn't recommend Epic Holiday Party to too many gamblers out there today. The game pays frequently and has a fast pace and beautiful graphics. These are the benefits of playing it. It doesn't offer many wagering options, has dull bonuses, and just doesn't deliver on overall value. If you don't mind those cons and you like its looks, you may really enjoy the game, but not everyone will.