VIP Program

While many gamblers take advantage of deposit bonuses and promotions offered by casinos, those perks usually benefit new players more than anyone else, leaving the dedicated players behind. That’s why Wild Vegas offers a comprehensive VIP program that rewards high rollers and dedicated gamblers that want to access ongoing features and benefits while playing at the casino. There are several different benefits that come along with the VIP feature, and qualifying for entry into the program is pretty simple to do.

Qualifying for VIP Rewards

In order to qualify for one of the many different VIP reward levels players must do two different things. First they need to make a qualifying deposit. The minimum deposit to get into a VIP program is $500, and the requirements for higher levels are more expensive. After making that initial deposit it’s necessary to keep 20% of that money as a casino balance at all times to maintain VIP status. Going under that amount will immediately revoke the status.

Players that don’t want to deposit that much money at once can still qualify for the VIP program, they will just do it over time. Players that deposit a minimum of $10,000 over the lifetime of gambling at Wild Vegas will enjoy VIP status at High Roller level. It’s possible to unlock other VIP levels through lifetime deposits as well.

The Major VIP Benefits

There are a few major benefits that players will enjoy once they make it into the VIP program at Wild Vegas. The first is larger payouts each and every week at the casino. This makes it easier to access major wins from the casino and to enjoy more of that gambling profit. The next is loss insurance. Players will actually receive a portion of their lost money back in the form of insurance, making it possible to continue gambling for longer. There are also free points and chips offered to regular players that can be cashed out in the form of real money in the end. Some of the higher level VIP members will also have access to higher table limits, which is a feature that every high roller desires.

Now that you understand the basics of the VIP program, look at the detailed chart below to learn how the specific VIP levels work and what exactly you need to do to advance from one of the lower levels up to the higher ranks.