IC Wins Slots

IC Wins is a newer online slot game with an ice-cold theme and some cool bonus features. This slot is different than many others we've tried in the past, and we knew that from its 6-reel design. We went through a full playthrough with this slot to get familiar with its features and more, and we use all our time with the game to help other gamblers decide if the game is right for them as well. If you want to learn more about this game, read through our review below or test the slot for yourself at a Realtime Gaming casino.

Crafted by Realtime Gaming

We're big fans of Realtime Gaming, the creators of this slot because these developers offer a huge selection of quality slots to choose from. If you're curious about the different games available from this company, or you just want to join a casino with lots of options, consider signing up to a site that offers Realtime Gaming slots and more. You'll enjoy exploring hundreds of options to choose from, and that should make you excited to try out the games and more.

You Can Demo This Slot

Demoing a slot game is one of the best ways to get to know it before you start spending money on it. Fortunately, IC Wins is offered in a demo mode as well as a real money play mode. Switch to demo mode when testing the game, and you'll have access to all its features without spending money on them. You can try out the bonuses and more of this icy slot while keeping your bankroll intact. You can register for an account for free and get familiar with the slot game before ever making your initial deposit into the account.

An Icy Slot With Innuits

This slot is set in a freezing environment with loads of ice and snow. The main character is an Innuit, and there are wolves and other animals you would expect to find in the frozen north. The game shows off beautiful symbols and nice animations, and it's just a fun gambling experience for anyone that's looking for a pleasantly themed game to play around with.

They Kept the Design Simple

This game is an ideal example of how good simple design is for slot games. When you try this slot, you'll be impressed by the simple selection of buttons, the limited controls, and how every option you have to work with is a tool to help improve your gambling experience just a bit more. Even when you are new to this game, you'll feel comfortable with what it has to offer, and it's enjoyable getting to know this game because the developers worked hard to keep things simple and easy.

A Video Slot Game

This modern slot features beautiful animations, exciting bonus features, and it uses a new cluster pay system. The game is loaded with new and exciting features, and that's why so many players decide to stick around after testing the slot initially.

4096 Ways Pays

This game doesn't use standard paylines like so many other slots. Instead, it has a cluster pay system, and there are 4096 ways to win with each and every spin. With so many winning opportunities to take advantage of, it's easy to get excited about this slot when you play. Wins happen frequently, and you'll come to expect frequent payouts while wagering on this game.

Limited Wagering Options

While wagering on this slot, your options are significantly limited compared to other games available today. The minimum wager is $0.50 per spin, which is too high for some players, while the maximum wager amount is a pretty unimpressive $5.00 per spin. Either way, you'll have just a small set of wager options to choose from while playing here, and they may not fit your specific needs very well. As long as you can get past these limitations, you can have a good time with this slot, just make sure you aren't compromising on your ideal wager amount too much, or you'll hurt the opportunity to have fun with this game.

Low Pays

As is expected on a slot that offers so many winning opportunities with each spin, this game awards gamblers with low payouts. A big win with this game is just 250 coins, which isn't much at all when compared to some of the epic prizes offered by other slot games. If this bothers you, you'll want to swap to a different slot instead, but this game does pay frequently, and it has a few bonuses that are likely to trigger during a standard gambling session.

Random Respin with Multiplier

Each time you get a losing spin, there is a chance that the random re-spin feature will trigger. This feature turns the reels again, giving you another chance to win. During the re-spin feature, you'll enjoy a prize multiplier between 1x and 7x, and the reels will keep turning until you finally get a win. We love this feature, and some of our biggest wins occurred from the higher multipliers offered on prizes in this bonus mode.

A High Value Free Spin Bonus Round

It only takes a minimum of three scatters to start the free spin bonus round, and this perk leads to some of the most exciting wins with this slot game. This bonus round gives gamblers between 8 and 16 free spins depending on the number of scatters used to trigger the round. During this bonus round, the spins come with random multipliers between 1x and 7x for bigger wins and more exciting opportunities.

No Specific RTP

While we don't have the exact RTP of this slot, we expect it to be around 96% like the majority of Realtime Gaming slots. We felt like this game was a good value during our several play sessions and would recommend it to gamblers looking for decent payouts. We can't guarantee it's a good value, though, without the exact payout percentages.

An Honest Rating

We spent hours trying this game to get a feel for its features and its overall value. We're basing our final review score of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on all this playtime. The game looks beautiful; it pays regularly and has fun bonus modes. We wish the prizes were larger, there were more wager options, and that we knew the exact RTP value for this slot, but other than those minor issues, this game is worth playing, in our opinion.

Test this Game for Fun

Since this slot comes with a demo mode, you can try it for free for as long as you like. There is no time limit on demo mode, and you're free to play in demo mode whenever you want. With these freedoms in place, you can take full advantage of the demo version of this slot game in order to have a good time while playing online.

Play for Real Money

Even though this game pays out smaller prizes, it pays them frequently. If you're interested in playing for cash prizes, you can do so at any Realtime Gaming casino that you have an account with. Fund your account and start playing this slot at a wager amount you're comfortable with. Just be aware that wager options are limited, so you will have to choose a bet level that meets your needs well.

Play on Mobile

Nobody should be tied to playing slots on a computer screen. That's why it's refreshing to see that this slot is supported on so many different mobile devices. The game can be played on a range of different products. Take it with you on Android or iOS phones and tablets. The games feature the same layout that they are always equipped with, which makes it easy to change between devices when playing the game.

IC Wins is a beautiful slot with a lot of potential. Hopefully, after reading through this review, you have an idea if the game appeals to you or not. It isn't the right slot for everyone, and gamblers that want big wins will likely be disappointed. This slot also doesn't appeal to most high-rollers, but it's entertaining, fast-paced, and it has a lot of potential if you're willing to take your wins over a series of small payouts instead of big jackpots.