Online gambling is a lot of fun, but occasionally problems develop and it’s important to be able to get help the moment that they do. At Wild Vegas online casino there is a robust customer service department with several different contact methods available to help players through common issues. There’s a dedicated email support team, ongoing live chat services that are always available, and phone lines that you can use to get the help that you need.

Email Support

For players that aren’t in a rush to get help from the customer service department, one of the simplest ways to reach out and get answers to your questions is by contacting the customer service department through email. There are three dedicated email address, one for VIP members, one for standard players and one for players having difficulty with money withdrawals. Use the most appropriate address to get help in a timely manner. Players should expect to wait up to a full day to hear back on an email, though they are usually answered much faster.

Live Chat Support

One of the most efficient ways to get help at Wild Vegas casino is through the live chat service. Simply access the casino website and select the “Live Chat” button to start talking with a customer service representative. Once the chat service is opened players will type back and forth with an experienced professional, getting help answering any difficult questions. The best part about this service is that representatives are available at all hours of the day, making it easy to get help no matter when you have a problem.

Place a Phone Call

Players that want more direct help with their problems can place a call to one of the available phone lines. There is a toll free number that’s available to every single player at the casino, making it easy to get answers to common questions. There is also a special VIP line available to the higher ranking VIP players of the casino for faster help or more personalized services. Players that are considering leaving the casino can also get in touch with the retention department of the casino and talk about incentives and other programs available to them there.

Reach out to the customer service department for any problems that you experience while playing at Wild Vegas. The department is generally quick to respond and they have answers to most common casino questions.