Plentiful Treasure Slots

Plentiful Treasure is a decent-looking slot that has a slightly dated appearance but impressive jackpots and some other interesting features. It was the unique look and the promise of some cool features that made us want to try out this game a bit. After trying out all the features the game has to offer, there are some things we love about it and others that we don't care for. To learn all we learned about the game, you can read through this full review.

Designed by RTG

RTG or Realtime Gaming is a popular software development company that works in the gambling world. The company is well-known for creating some of the best slots available today, and there are hundreds to choose from in the company's library. As a gambler at an RTG casino, you can try out all the games you like, and most of them can be tested for free as well.

Try it Before You Spend Real Money

RTG games like this one come with a demo option that lets you test their features before you risk your own money to play. This is great news for the players that aren't sure about different slots or that want to try and find their favorites before risking their bankrolls. Demo mode works the same as standard play, but you'll be using a play money balance instead. Consider wagering the same amount you would using real money for a realistic test play experience.

A Simple Treasure Theme

The theme of this game is decent, but we wouldn't call it impressive. We like the background of the game, but most of the treasure symbols don't really stand out. The game is packed with different golden symbols that represent jewelry, necklaces, boxes of gold, and more. It's clear that the game is hiding a huge selection of rare treasures, but we don't really care about these symbols. The slot also has generic card symbols for its low-value offerings, and these are even less impressive.

Designed for New Gamblers

New players will be able to pick this slot game up in just a minute or two. You only have to adjust your bet amount using two buttons and press the spin button. Those are the two main actions for this game, and all the other buttons are just added features or informational options and not that important.

Four Exciting Progressive Jackpots

We love the four different jackpot payouts that are possible with this slot, and that's one of the reasons we decided to test it out. Even though you aren't guaranteed to hit a jackpot, and it's actually very difficult to do, we still like having the possibility to get a good win. The game awards players with progressive jackpots at random, and it also triggers a jackpot coin feature occasionally using one of the two wild symbols.

No Paylines

There aren't any traditional paylines for this slot, and the game relies on a cluster payout system instead. There are 243 different cluster patterns you can use to get a win, and that results in frequent prize wins. The win values aren't very high, but the players that stick with this slot love how often they're able to win while spinning.

Basic Wagering that's Best for Low Stakes

The wager options are simple to use with this slot, and you can select how much to wager using simple plus and minus symbols. With that said, wagering is very limited. There are only a handful of different bet values you can play with. The minimum wager is $0.88 per spin, and the maximum is $8.80 per spin. Some low-stakes players won't want to bet the minimum, and high-stakes players won't want to play around with this slot at all because of its low maximum. Gamblers that usually wager in the middle of the high and low will have a good time with this game, though.

A Low Value Paytable

We weren't impressed by the paytable of this slot because there aren't any high-value win combinations you can achieve. That doesn't mean the game isn't a good value or that you can't get some solid wins from the game; it just means that you'll need more than one win in order to profit nicely. The game pays prizes frequently, and this means that players can win often and that they have many different prizes to look forward to while playing this game. As long as you don't mind getting lots of small wins, you can have a good time with this game, and the 5x wild symbol can help increase some of your wins to impressive levels.

Earn Big in the Golden Coin Bonus

Anytime you get one of the standard wild symbols on one of the reels of this slot, there is a chance that the Golden Coin bonus round will be triggered. In this bonus, 12 coins cover the screen, and you start flipping them over. The first three matching coins that you flip determine what jackpot you unlock. If you get three Major coins first, you will trigger that jackpot, so hope for the high-value coins as you flip!

Unlock Free Spins

Anytime you get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels, you trigger the free spin bonus round of this game. This is our favorite bonus, even though you only get eight free spins. The spins can be re-triggered, and during your spins, all the low-value symbols are removed from the reels. That means you'll unlock more impressive prizes the whole time you play this game.

We Don't Like the RTP

There are many things that we do like about this game, but the RTP, also known as the return to player, value isn't one of them. This game pays out 95% of the money it gets from gamblers on average. That's not a good rate, and it means that many other slots are a better value. If you're looking for high-value slot games, this one won't match your needs. If you don't mind playing a game with a slightly lower value than average, this game can still be a decent option.

Rating the Game

We spent hours testing this slot and gave it a 3.9 out of 5.0 stars in the end. This rating reflects the small wagering window as well as the poor value of the game. We love the bonuses, and the frequent prize wins offered by this game, and we would still recommend the game to some gamblers.

Win up to 50,000 Coins

It's possible to win up to 50,000 coins in a single turn of the reels of this slot. That's great news for players that are looking to profit handsomely. Spin the reels, and you could trigger a life-changing prize win if you're lucky enough. Of course, the biggest wins are rare, but it's important to realize that huge prize payouts do occur.

Fun Play Supported

If you want to play this slot purely for entertainment purposes, that's perfectly fine and possible to do. To enjoy the slot for fun, open it and play in demo mode. While in this mode, you don't have to risk any money, and you still get to use the different features of the game. If you want to play for a real cash prize, you can switch to real money mode and do just that.

Designed for Real Money Play

This game was designed for gamblers that want to play for real money prizes. With a registered account at a Realtime Gaming casino, you can play this game for cash prizes easily. Load the slot in its standard mode, choose your wager amount, and get started fast.

Made for Mobile Players

This slot runs on mobile devices too, and you don't need an app to play it. The game opens in the web browser of most smartphones and tablets. Load this slot on your favorite mobile device and play anywhere that offers a stable internet connection.

Plentiful Treasures is an excellent slot game with a handful of flaws. If you don't mind the limited wagering options and the lower value of the game, you will likely fall in love with the bonuses, and the frequent prize wins. Try it for yourself, and you'll get a good idea if the game appeals to you or not.